Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interactive Charts in Andriod with Crosshairs and Data ToolTip

Interactive Charts in Andriod with Crosshairs and Data ToolTip

Making interactive chart on andriod is a tricky buisness , i had to face a lots of issues in one of my recent project to show interactive charts with crosshairs and data on crosshairs.
When i started with the project i used achartengine library which had lots of inbuilt charts , but it lacked crosshairs and user interactivity.
Then i started looking a afreechart, its a andriod version of jfreechart which had crosshairs in it, but it do not have developer guide as that is paid but it supported what i needed.

Here are the screenshots of data interactive charts in my application.

I would love to help if some body get struck on the same like i did as its very annoying.

Varun Rathore


Andrés Chacón said...

I am implementing something very much of the like of what you do, would you mind sharing how you managed the crosshair view and the tooltip?

vrathore said...

Which Library you are using dear ?

Andrés Chacón said...

I'm using afreechart, still having trouble getting the position just right though, I could use some help :)

Andrés Chacón said...

I've actually put the crosshairs, but I'd like to know where in the code I should place the annotation.

Karthik Reddy said...

I need help as you told.
Iam using afreechart in that am using 3d barchart for that i want to fetch series value on clicking it.
I dont know how to move. It s urgent
please help me......

Chirag said...

Hello, I need your help !! I want to show tooltip on crosshairs. Can you please share your code ?

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