Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Set "Loading" screen background color on Flex

Check out the compiler arguments line in the Flex properties and add
-default-background-color #PUTYOURCOLORHERE

Check the complete list compiler aurguments at :-

Monday, February 25, 2008

Granite Data Services

Its free data service provided for the flex users which is alternative to
Life Cycle data service. I have tried remoting service and it runs with good
compatibility without much code change. It also support the data push by the flex.
we can download the binary from www.graniteds.org/ .


Varun Rathore

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Localising And Resource Bundles in Flex 3.0

Handling resource bundles in flex 3.0 has improved a lot from the previous version.

you just need to add loacale{locale} folder in the source path of the application and have to keep the en_US or ja_JP (which ever language refrence you want to add)

then you will have to make sample.properties file in each of the language refrence folder

in properties file you will have to add
hello=Hello World

the properties which you need to access from the application(here i used hello property)

in the application we will use

we can make the mapping of the resource bundle dynamic with the following code.

add the code in the script of the application


private var locales:Array = [ "en_US" , "fr_FR" ];

private function localeComboBox_initializeHandler(event:Event):void
localeComboBox.selectedIndex =

private function localeComboBox_changeHandler(event:Event):void
// Set the localeChain to either the one-element Array
// [ "en_US" ] or the one-element Array [ "fr_FR" ].
resourceManager.localeChain = [ localeComboBox.selectedItem ];


Change the -locale option to be


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ant Scripting, Junit ,Flex

If you have any query regarding any of the flex data services , ant targets and Junit test cases
please feel free to contact me .

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