Monday, July 13, 2009

Ammaps in Flex

Here is way to implement ammaps in flex , i used swfloader to add the ammaps in my application as follows

var str : String = "assets/ammap.swf?settings_file=assets/ammap_settings.xml&data_file=assets/ammap_data.xml"


where i kept all the required files(swf/xml) in assets folders of my application.


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oscar said...

Have you been integrated Ammap with Flex ?
I'm trying to integrate it but I have a problem.
I put Ammap in a Canvas. When I click inside the Canvas I interact with Ammap (obvious and normal). But, when I click outside of Canvas(outside the map), I interact with map,also. Ammaps recive mouse events, outside the component.

Have you solve them ?

Thanks :)

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