Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adding Custom Components to Text Layout Framework(ADOBE LABS)

The Text Layout Framework is a set of ActionScript 3.0 libraries with support for complex scripts and advanced typographic and layout features not available in the TextField class,It allows us to add custom components and Display objects in the TextArea making the issue of adding headers, tables and providing loacl anchor links , also we can add multiple TextFlow elements in between the display objects and set the selection in between those elements. Still there are some Bugs which make the Text Layout framework informal to handle but overall we can achieve a good sort of text Typography which was earlier missing in Flash.
here is a code sniplet which i used to make multiple TextFlow elements inside onemain container.

// Creating a TextFlow for handling selected Text and editing
[Bindable]public var selectedFlow : TextFlow ;

// Adding UIComponent and TextFlow Dynamically, where is a public class //LinkedContainers extends Sprite
var dspObj : DisplayObject = new LinkedContainers(); = "dspObject";
var ufComponent = new UIComponent();

var custTextFlow : TextFlow = new TextFlow();
custTextFlow.flowComposer.addController(new DisplayObjectContainerController(ufComponent,textArea.width,textArea.height));

// setup event listeners for selection changed and ILG loaded
custTextFlow.addEventListener(SelectionEvent.SELECTION_CHANGE,function checkChange():void{
selectedFlow = custTextFlow;

Varun Rathore

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MadFlex said...

nice one..but can we drag and drop in textflow?

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